Air Cleaner Modification

Submitted by: The Great White Knight

Here is a great way for you to increase the performance and horsepower of you en450.

The stock air cleaner box is just a little too restrictive on the air flow and the new paper filter that they make as an OEM replacement just don't help most en450's, they just don't get along with this paper filter any way. You can use the high dollar K&N filters or you can use the after market type like I do. The K&N filter you have to keep oiled and cleaned all the time with the after market filter you don't have to oil them so they stay cleaner longer. The K&N brand cost about $40.00 each and you can get two after market ones for only $20.00 plus shipping. There is a gentleman on eBay that sells them. You will only find them listed for the ex500 54mm but don't worry they do fit the carburetors on the en450.

Here is how you go about it.

First you must remove the stock air box. To do this you must remove the carburetors and get them out of your way there is no need to remove any of the cables. Be care full not to pry on the carburetors they will crack and this will take some time to remove the first time you do it.

After you get the carburetors off you will need to remove the upper and lower hose TUBE, AIR SWITCH VALVE (92059D) & TUBE, BREATHER (92059B) to the air box than remove the CAP, RH & CAP, and LH (11012A) to the air cleaners.

At the top where you remove it on each side you will find a 10mm BOLT-FLANGED, 6X8 130 you will have to remove. Than slide the air box forward toward the motor it is held in place with a tit. Than the air box will slide out the side of the bike. Than remove the VALVE, AIR SWITCHES (16126) and the Tubes, AIR SWITCH VALVE (92059C).
Replace the carburetors back on.

Ok now wear the Tubes, AIR SWITCH VALVE (92059C) was on the valve cover you need to cap off with a 5/8 cap on each. Now where the TUBE, AIR SWITCH VALVE (92059A) was on the right carburetor it needs to be spliced in to the left one on the left carburetor with a tee connector. You will know the right one because it goes right up the petcock.

Now were you removed the lower tub that ran from the air box to the chrome cap on the crank case it must have a filter on it with out it you will get all kinds of dirt and stuff in the crank case and that will do damage.

Now put the two air cleaners on than you are done.

If you would like to go further with it really if you ride in very hard rain you may want to do what I have also done and keep the stock look too. Using a dermal tool you can cut your air box to rap around the filter to keep water out see the photos to see just how to cut them.


California Models (A little extra modifying.)